Anonymous asked : Where are you supposed to get the fanclub light sticks for the concert? (Do you buy it at the convention or are you supposed to have it beforehand?)

There will be places that you can buy the fanclub light sticks and other merchandise at the convention. (Though it might be easier on yourself to have them ahead of time.)

Anonymous asked : Do you get your convention pass until you show up there with your ticket or can you get it beforehand?

You’ll get your convention pass at the convention.

Anonymous asked : So I bought my P2 ticket, What should I do next to sign up/register to get an autograph/hi-five any of the stars? Is it a lucky draw on that day? How does this work ?!?!

P2 Only have the opportunity for a hi-touch. To determine if you get to participate in the hi-touch it is a lucky draw at the convention.

Anonymous asked : do you have a better chance of getting one of the opportunities if you buy the tickets early?

Its randomly decided at the convention. When you bought your ticket wont matter.

Anonymous asked : if i buy the P1 ticket combo package, then will I get two the same exact artists and hi-touches and stuff, because I plan to buy the combo package and share it with my sister but we're only going to buy it if they give us the exact same stuff since we don't want to be separated

The hi-touch and artist signing vouchers are random. As are whether you’ll get a hi-touch or an artist signing. So its highly likely you’ll get two different artists. However once you have your vouchers you can try to trade/sell your voucher to someone else to try and get the same artists and event.

Anonymous asked : I have never gone to a kcon concert , so I just wanted to know : what is a artist hi-touch pass? & how do you get that, since it says that they have limited quantities & they are not guaranteed?

A hi-touch pass allows you to go to a session where you get to high five an artist. The passes are randomly given to those who purchase P1 or P2 tickets.

Anonymous asked : Do you know how many songs each artist is performing?

No, I don’t. If I had to guess at least 4-5? Since the lineup is split between the two concerts the sets should be pretty long, but that’s just my assumption.

Anonymous asked : How do I order p5 ticket bundle pack? I'm confused..

The 2-day combo package?

  1. Go to the KCON 2014 with M COUNTDOWN 2 DAY Tickets page on Ticketmaster and click the find tickets link.
  2. Enter how many ticket packages you want to buy (1 package=1 ticket for each concert so 2 tickets total)
  3. For P5 select the $70 ticket price from the price box.
  4. Click find tickets
  5. A captcha thing will show up to confirm you’re not a bot before searching for the tickets.
  6. Ticketmaster will show you what seat it selected for you for the concert (it will be the same seat for both days)
  7. Select a delivery method and hit continue to check out and purchase the tickets.
Anonymous asked : Do you know the Artist line ups for both days? i can only got to the sunday concert

August 9 (Sat): B1A4, G-DRAGON, IU, TEENTOP, VIXX

August 10 (Sun): BTS, CNBLUE, Girl’s Generation, Jung Joon Young, SPICA

Anonymous asked : Hiya! How does anyone buy a P1 ticket?? D: Yesterday, I was refreshing the tickets page all the time and I was only able to buy a P2 :(

At this point P1 is sold out on the ticket websites. The only way to possibly get one now is by watching twitter, tumblr, and facebook for people who previously bought them and are now selling them.

Disclaimer: Make sure to do your research and have a good understanding of the person you are getting your ticket from if you are doing this. We dont want you to get scammed out of your money.