101carito asked : If I do go to kcon next year how much money should I take to spend on goodies/merchandise? (I'm planning on buying pins, albums, dramas ,etc.)

As with any concert, be aware that there will be overpriced food and merchandise at the venue.

Albums were around the $25-30 range, Shirts were around $25, and Pins and other miscellaneous goods were around $3-5.  There were places such as Subway & Mc Donalds in the surrounding area that were cheaper than the food offered (They did have a small vending area).  Fans were also selling their Artist Engagement Vouchers for various amounts of money, depending on the group.

[ Personally, I didn’t spend much because food wasn’t an issue and was able to get by with about $50 for the weekend. By entering contests and such, I was able to score some cool goodies (KCON Shirts) and spend the rest on albums/vouchers.]

Anonymous asked : Would you recommend us to go to kcon this year 2014? How was the last experience like?

Honestly, there were times where I was frustrated with the internal logistics (Ex. Contests, VIP Privileges, Artist Engagements, Etc.) but those were only a few minor things. Overall it was a great experience as far as connecting with fellow fans and appreciating K-POP.  With time, I’m sure that the organizers of K-CON will figure things out.  It’s still a growing event, but checking it out is worth it!

Anonymous asked : Do you know where kcon 2014 is being held and when?

No. As far as we know there hasn’t been any announcements in regard to when and where KCON 2014 will be.

Anonymous asked : Do you know if we can suggest who can be in the line for kcon?

You can but I’m not sure if they actually listen to the suggestions because in the end it’s all up to mnet and the artists’ own company. They did do a thing for this year’s KCON where you could suggest who you wanted to come so when they start announcing about next year’s KCON they’ll probably let fans make suggestions again.

Also, if you want to suggest a local artist to perform they usually can book those suggestions.

ewsoyah asked : Do you have any predictions for KCON 2014?

Not really. Hopefully better organization next year?

whxsica asked : Do you know if there's any footage of Henry's panel, specifically the little "quiz" at the end? I'm one of the people that got a poster, but I want to relive my memories and I can't find a video anywhere. ;A;

Uhm there’s a little bit of footage on youtube, but most of it is short. The closest I can find is him signing the posters with Bobby Lee. http://youtu.be/FNO2qAhqFSM

Anonymous asked : is there a stream link for whats up la kcon. sorry to ask just really wanna know. plz answer as soon as u can. THX

Not tonight. It will air as next week’s M!Countdown episode.

Anonymous asked : Was there a scratcher for teen top autograph signing? Are they going to have one?

I’m not sure. It looks like they will at least be having a hi-touch though.

Anonymous asked : Can vip1 check in on sun?


Anonymous asked : Yes, I did buy it from Ticket master && Thanks for answering my question. (:

You’re welcome. ^^